Hello, my name is Oliver Eckelt, I come from Germany and started playing guitar with the age of 14 years. The first time I had lessons, but I am mostly self-taught. Essential help this was the book "Masters of rock guitar" by Peter Fischer.

I am also co-founder of the Death-Metal band Goregate, that there are now no more.

In 2008 I decided to post a video of me on youtube, because everyone else made it and I thought I could do that too.

But under what name should I register?

So I decided to use the name of our former band mascot. And this was called trenchdevil.

I had first choose this name to seen what comes across with my video upload. After my first video was well received, I began to shoot more videos. First it was still around playing skills, but then I concentrated more and more on good song writing.

I had never expected that my music arrives as well.

Therefore, and due to copyright, I began to attached my real name to the videos.

And after a long time and high demand, I decided to create a home page. Of course this time with my real name.

More coming soon.